Family Portrait Photography at Sandbridge Beach

During the past couple of summers Crystal and I have worked with many families who vacation and rent beach homes in Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, this particular family portrait at Sandbridge Beach was one of them.  This photo shoot was consisted of 19 members of the family, one of many large family shoots we do year round, and they were from out of state and vacationed here in Virginia Beach to celebrate their parent/grandparent’s wedding anniversary.

The family portrait photoshoot happened during early sunset and lasted for a couple hours.

It was a great experience for us having such a large numbered family to work with and allowed us to do a large group shot.

I must say, this is by far one of the largest group shots Crystal and I have ever taken and thank goodness to the grandmother who helped us situate the members of the family :)

We then took individual shots of each families, then parents only, then children, and finally the kids with the grandparents.

We had such a great time with the family and they were really fun to work with.  They were very cooperative and was very patient with us and it was such a great experience.

After working on some formal group shots, we went ahead and worked on some really fun type of shots, one family even did a family pyramid!

It was really a group effort having some family members help out to getting them positioned.  While they were holding the formation, everyone else in the family was cheering on while we took the shots :)

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